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Copy-editing in the author’s manuscript means:

  • detailed editing for sense
  • checking for consistency
  • clear presentation of the material for the typesetter

(Butcher, Drake and Leach, Butcher’s Copy-editing: the Cambridge Handbook,
4th ed., 2006)


Proofreading in publishers’ typeset proofs means:

  • detecting and correcting all spelling and typographical errors
  • checking and correcting punctuation
  • drawing attention to any grammatical errors or possible errors of fact
  • ensuring that typographical specifications and other instructions have been followed

(E.L. Dellow, A First Course in Proof Correcting, 1979)


Book indexing from publishers’ page proofs means:

  • identifying and locating relevant information
  • analysing concepts used and producing systematic and helpful alphabetical entries
  • indicating relationships and groupings among concepts using cross-references

(BS 3700, British Standard Recommendations for Preparing Indexes to Books, Periodicals and Other Documents)

I use the professional indexing program Cindex.